Jessica Melman, VMD

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Dr. Jessica Melman

Dr. Jessica Melman currently owns Bespoke Veterinary Services, providing exceptional mobile veterinary services in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Dr. Melman also serves as a Veterinary Consultant to DermaZoo and OtoPet-USA. She was Director of Veterinary and Technical Services for DermaPet until its sale to Dechra Veterinary Services in 2010. Dr. Melman has worked as a small animal General Practitioner in Manhattan and San Francisco.

Dr. Jessica Melman is a third generation veterinarian. Both her father and late grandfather were veterinarians in the Washington DC area. Her veterinary interests include dermatology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and working in the Veterinary Industry. Outside of work, she enjoys running, cooking, writing, traveling and spending time with her daughter, Leia, her son, Cade, as well as her three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Quincy Fisher, and Captain; three fish; and her rescue bunny, Bubble.

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